sensitive and unobtrusive wedding videography

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Videos are produced to a good commercial standard using modern digital technology. Videos are not intended for public broadcast.


The aesthetics used in a video are in keeping with a typical English wedding and will be similar to the demonstration videos available from www.weddingtodvd.co.uk


Artistic interpretation cannot be guaranteed.


Unless otherwise agreed all filming uses a single camera. A second camera is often used for creative purposes but this is at the discretion of the producer.


Additional audio recording may be used where appropriate at the discretion of www.weddingtodvd.co.uk. and by agreement with the church or registrar.


Copyright clearance for any stills submitted to www.weddingtodvd.co.uk for scanning is the responsibility of the submitter.


Copyright clearance for any music used in the service or submitted to www.weddingtodvd.co.uk for inclusion in the video is the responsibility of the client. Please visit www.videolicence.co.uk for full details. It is the client's responsibility to obtain all relevant licenses/consents for filming and the use of any music or other copyright before filming can proceed. www.weddingtodvd.co.uk reserves the right to see any such consents prior to commencement of filming.


Fees paid for the www.weddingtodvd.co.uk service are for time taken to plan with the couple, filming on the day, and editing the film in the studio. Any equipment used in production is “free-issued” for the duration of the event and is loaned without any acceptance for liability or consequential loss. Any media offered for delivery in the price is effectively “free” and carries no warranty.


 A booking date may only be considered reserved once a completed booking form has been received and a 20% booking fee has been paid. Until that point dates cannot be guaranteed. Any booking fee received for a date which is no longer available will be returned to the sender with no further liability on either party.


By paying a booking fee you acknowledge and accept our Terms & Conditions.


 A video montage of your Wedding Day may be used on various social media outlets, such as Youtube and Facebook, this is at the sole discretion of weddingtodvd and without your consent and any prior permission.


 Weddings sometimes need to be cancelled. We strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they have to cancel.


 Cancellation charges are as follows;


 more than 90 days prior to the date = booking fee only,


 90 days to 30 days prior to the date = booking fee plus half the remaining cost


 less than 30 days prior to the date = full amount.


 Final payment is required in full at least four weeks before the wedding day unless of prior arrangement and agreement and before any completed material and media are released.


Due to some car-parking issues in some City Centre hotels, venues and Churches, a car-parking fee may be added to the outstanding costs, this would need to be agreed and discussed.


A booking may only be considered CONFIRMED and SECURE once a 20% booking fee has been received, until that point dates cannot be guaranteed.


To be agreed and discussed, depending on distance from Manchester a one or two night Bed & Breakfast costs may be added to the balance.


We use good quality and well maintained equipment. However, any loss of material or software (i.e. video and/or audio of the event) is limited to the cost of the media alone. No consequential loss is accepted by www.weddingtodvd.co.uk


With regard to the filming in the Church or Venue the Vicar/Priest or Registrar always has the final say.


 Whilst every effort is made to cover all reasonable eventualities www.weddingtodvd.co.uk cannot be held responsible or liable for losses incurred or disruption caused by events beyond its control.


 In the unlikely event of total videographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or non performance in any circumstances, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract.. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss this clause shall not exclude any liability of either party for loss/damage which cannot be excluded by statute.


Due to the rare minor compatibility issues relating to some DVD players, for example, Playstations and X-Boxes , Weddingtodvd cannot be held responsible if the DVD does not play on your home DVD Player,  if the Presentational Promotional Disc played on your home DVD Player,  then we do not foresee any issues.


 Any variations in the times or dates, or variations to the planned event which may impact the video work should be communicated to www.weddingtodvd.co.uk as soon as possible. Depending on the changes there may be additional charges which will be advised before any variation is agreed or accepted.


We keep a master copy of your movie in our archives for up to 26 weeks. You may order additional copies within this period as required. If you wish to order additional copies after  this period we cannot guarantee that the master tapes will be available.


These terms and conditions should be attached to your booking form and kept in a safe place, They form part of your contract.


Any problems or disputes should be notified immediately in writing to www.weddingtodvd.co.uk. at the address on this document.


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